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Who plays drums?

Its quite understandable that when you get two supergroups like U2 and Green Day together in order to  collaborate on a project you are going to get some overlap.  Obviously both Billy Joe and Bono get to sing.  You will … Continue reading

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Noise Floor By Bright Eyes

My bad day was quickly turned around when I found out the new Bright Eyes album is available for streaming on the Saddle Creek website. It does not go on sale until tomorrow, but you should check it out today.

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Chipotle Review #1

I am starting a new feature on this site. Every Wednesday I will review a Manhattan Chipotle restaurant. When I finally eat at every Chipotle in Manhattan I will either be in the hospital with heart disease or speak fluent … Continue reading

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Crock of Shit

Here is an article about Kenneth Lay’s conviction being vacated because the “poor guy” died while vacationing in Aspen after he was convicted of the largest corporate fraud in history. Can we erase any doubt that corporations own the US … Continue reading

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Google Buys Youtube

Google just agreed to purchase for $1.65 Billion.  There goes one more very large market that you will not be dominating. But cheers to the new rich kids.

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A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

… means that something is gonna happen.  The reason that Dylan was probably the greatest artist of the 20th century and possibly longer is that his lyrics are timeless. 10,000 talkers whose tongues are all broken That kind of describes … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart and Prsident Bush

It really is unbelievable that this guy is still president. Notice how J-Stew transitions seamlessly from making fun of the obnoxious $20 million Iraq victory celebration to ridiculing a hapless buffoon. The Daily Show writers may have the easiest job … Continue reading

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