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My God, what a world. If you have never done a tradeshow you probably don’t want to. Imagine shopping with your mom for 9 hours a day for 5 days straight while work just piles on your desk. And then … Continue reading

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Where is my Wifi

I don’t want to sound like a cheap bastard, but c’mon airports we can do better.  I can understand when my flight is delayed for safety or weather reasons that are really out of anybody’s control, or at least well … Continue reading

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Part II

Of course there is followup to the previous post.  I emailed Bernie early in the day and told him to call the police immediately.  Then I called Bernie last night and spoke with him.  The situation seemed in control.  The … Continue reading

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Does anyone know this scam??

I found an apartment on Craigslist. I move in 8/1 and I’m out of town until then -> can’t look for another apartment. Not to mention that I put money down to hold the place. My future roomate is 72 … Continue reading

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The World Cup Sucks (Sorry very late)

At marketing that is.. To start off, I watched the world cup. Well 2 or 3 games, but I sort of liked them; the shootout was good. But basically I want to talk about the world cup teaching us how … Continue reading

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Time Keeps on Slipping

It doesn’t make much sense to write a post apologizing for the lack of posts when your blog doesn’t have any readers.  Then again, having this little time doesn’t make much sense either.  If someone does read this post please … Continue reading

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Must The Show Go On?

So Syd Barrett died a few days ago. They just announced it today. So now, and again, he wasn’t really there. I don’t know the story, but I like the band a lot. If anyone does know what happened, let … Continue reading

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