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When do we worry?

I hate to get all political because its so cliche in the blogosphere, but there are some serious issues in our country.  Here are the facts – please excuse any broad strokes. The leader of the world admittedly believes in … Continue reading

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Government on the Internet

Is it surprising that we haven’t seen a greater effort to promote the dissemination of  congressional voting records over the Internet?  I’m sure that many people will disagree, but I would suggest that the Senate Vote Record website is a … Continue reading

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The Damon Jones Fan Club

I just did a search and surprising enough, Damon Jones does not have a fan club.  He isn’t a great player, but he is the absolute best in the NBA at being unintentionally hilarious.  The face that he is making … Continue reading

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Its kind of Amazing

Over the last two or three weeks I have met a diverse collection of smart, interesting, successful, funny and well respected people, yet for some reason not many had heard of  wikipedia.  What baffles me about this fact is that … Continue reading

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It all makes perfect sense

It is tough to copy the top link on reddit and still hold your head high, but this is the best cartoon I have ever seen. Enjoy.

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Ideas Are Free Today

Sorry – took down this post.

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Most important thing in the world today… Google Unbound

For those of you who may not have heard, Google sponsored a line up of speakers focused on the book publishing industry today in New York.  By my estimations there were about 500 people in attendance comprised mostly of publishers, … Continue reading

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Joost is the most important thing in the world…today

So the Beta of Joost just launched today. Joost is a peer to peer television over the Internet. After reading some reviews by beta testers I found 2 advantages that Joost may have right now. First, Joost simply has better … Continue reading

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Great News for Music

I found some great music websites and new bands over the last few days.  First of all, the site (now is a great place to find new unsigned bands and download music for free.  The site is very … Continue reading

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I knew it

When I was a freshman in high school the Seniors supposedly played jokes on the new class by selling them pool passes and elevator keys.  Now I did not go to a top-notch prep school, but I still don’t think … Continue reading

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