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The First Internet President

I hope that we will look back and realize that this election was the first time that a candidate really harnessed the power of the Internet to win the presidency. Sure in ’04 Howard Dean built a following using the … Continue reading

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Yes We Can! Barack Obama wins South Carolina

Just an hour ago CNN announced that Barack Obama won the South Carolina Primary by a wide margin. In what was thought to be a close race Obama pulled away and earned 55% of the vote to Hillary’s 27%. Again, … Continue reading

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Why I’m voting for Barack

Today I decided that I am 100% voting for Barack Obama, and to go a step further I am going to volunteer to help his primary campaign. Here is a short list as to why I think he can help … Continue reading

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There Will Be Boredom

Before today the last movie that I saw in the theater was The Departed, which was amazing. Based on a great trailer I ventured out this morning to see There Will Be Blood which has a limited release. The trailer … Continue reading

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