Jon Stewart and Prsident Bush

It really is unbelievable that this guy is still president.

Notice how J-Stew transitions seamlessly from making fun of the obnoxious $20 million Iraq victory celebration to ridiculing a hapless buffoon.

The Daily Show writers may have the easiest job in America.

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1 Response to Jon Stewart and Prsident Bush

  1. loricat says:

    I’m just impressed at how they seem to have all of Bush’s ludicrous statements nicely catalogued…”Hey, let’s do a riff on his ‘job’! Wouldn’t that be hysterical?” And bingo, someone finds all of these bits! It may be an easy job in the sense that there’s so much damn fodder for ridicule, but a lot of time went into compiling that sequence.

    Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

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