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Discussion on Politics

So out of the blue a friend emailed a chain letter about Barack Obama. I guess that he wasn’t aware of my political views; I’m a huge supporter.  I sent him a left-leaning article to which he wrote back more … Continue reading

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Marketing Mastery

It’s been a long time since I read every word in a marketing email. Today Barack Obama sent me a 1525 word email and I read the whole thing. The base of the email was a game of chance the … Continue reading

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Ten Rules to SMS Marketing

If you’re reading this old post you should probably also read my more recent (and better) thoughts on mobile communications. Marketing with text messages is a different take on communicating with customers. It’s not simply a short email-type thing. Smart … Continue reading

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Campaigning to Govern

You can look at the Obama campaign over the last 8 months and find many impressive qualities. But the most unbelievable quality has been the fact that he has always chosen to the high road to improve the country rather … Continue reading

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