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Why People Are Sad

You should click through to this great post I found on Reddit. The paragraph below describes a lot of people’s problems and the rest of the article critiques the most common (and incorrect) solution. It’s a bit depression, but at … Continue reading

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Words Matter

Employees May Wash Hands 🙂 Employees Should Wash Hands? Employees, Please Wash Hands 😎 Employees Can Wash Hands ! Employees Usually Wash Hands – No, of course – Employees Must Wash Hands. Period. Every word matters whether you are printing … Continue reading

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Just a few bright spots from the weekend. Seth Godin writes a great post: short, thought provoking, makes sense and then it leaves you with a free prize. Ever since I got the new Firefox with spell check I’ve been … Continue reading

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What about the Tortoises

I clipped this from an article I found on reddit talking about humans being natural runners. I just liked this line. Aren’t tortoises the tortoises of the animal kingdom and if they really are not, then are humans really more … Continue reading

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Long Vacation

I’m not sure what is better, the look my face or the look on her face. Just had a long vacation to visit almost the entire country of Costa Rica. It’s a nice place; you should visit. I’ll be writing … Continue reading

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