Chipotle Review #1

I am starting a new feature on this site. Every Wednesday I will review a Manhattan Chipotle restaurant. When I finally eat at every Chipotle in Manhattan I will either be in the hospital with heart disease or speak fluent Spanish. I am hoping for the Spanish.

The rules are that I will get the same chicken fajita burrito at each location and rate the following categories of the experience:

  • Ambiance
  • Size/Taste
  • Integrity

The overall grade will determine the Chipotle location that I frequent.

The first location is on 6th Avenue between 21st and 22nd streets in Chelsea.

Ambiance: B-

I passed a homeless man on my walk there (yes that counts) and I had to admit that it felt a little bad that I would be feasting shortly while he was hungry. Fortunately, he was not around on my return trip. There were also not hot girls that I could gawk at while standing in line. The most redeeming aspect was the witty and reassuring sign on the counter (I may steal the message for a food product I am involved in).

Size/Taste: B-

I will say that the Fajita was huge, much bigger than usual. the rice was a bit dry and the peppers and onions were a little wilted so the taste was just ok.

Integrity: C-

OK, now there are issues. The burrito ripped about 3/4 of the way in, and it was leaking “juice”. An argument could be made that the burrito ripped because of its massive, mass but my assessment lead me to believe that there was more than enough tortilla to compensate for the size if it had been rolled more perfectly. I am also taking issue with the angle of the roll. I understand that Chipotle has the tragic flow of ingredient segregation, but this was insane. I don’t think I had one bite with both chicken and rice.

Overall Grade: C+ You guys can do better and you know it.

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