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Top 5 blogs you should start

1. The A List – Like Entertainment Weekly for the technorati.  This is a critique and commentary on what A-List bloggers are saying. 2. Must see clips – So the television doesn’t have to repaeat things ad nauseum, and you … Continue reading

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Rules to Live By

In honor of HBO adding The Wedding Crashers to their on demand menu (which I will be watching in the background for a month straight) I would like to link the official list of the Rules of wedding crashers. Some … Continue reading

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Two wrongs make a right?

Here is a link to President Clinton on Fox Sunday.  This is an honest and very intense interview on Clinton’s part. Recently Democrats, Republicans and even newscasters have been using the term “kill Bin Laden”.  I think that we all … Continue reading

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Would Be Funny

This story would be funny if it wasn’t absolutely true. You can read a previous story about my roommate here and here. So it jsut so happens that my new roommate is being evicted from our apartment. The conviction behind … Continue reading

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Hitting for the cycle

In tribute of Gary Matthews Jr. hitting for the cycle I have posted a video of Bob Dylan almost hitting for the proverbial music cycle. These performances are from the first Johnny Cash show in 1969. Dylan plays a country … Continue reading

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Here is a new way of doing old video, twice. I am testing out a newvideo site called revver. [revvervideo= It obviously didn’t work.  Check out revver anyway.  I’ll post it as soon as wordpress catches up.

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Shatner is Priceless

Nothing really needs to be said except to watch the volume on this video.

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The Coolest Country Ever

Just in case there was any question. Here is something cool to watch on the 5 year anniversary.

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Little Miss Sunshine – I mean Rainy Day

There really is nothing worse than when a company treats you like shit and then doesn’t care because they will make money anyway, with or without you.  This isn’t that bad of a situation, but I wanted to post and … Continue reading

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The Black and White Cookie

Since I move to New York it has been calling to me from deli and bodega shelves.  From its initial days struggling as an under-appreciated design marvel to the top of the world via Seinfeld fame, the black and white … Continue reading

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