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Loving Pandora

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at the computer with my headphones in. I am overwhelmed with, the personal Internet radio station. In the past I’ve used the website and it has been so so. Either their … Continue reading

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My New Neon Bible Comes with Friends

2007 will be a great year for music. Not only is the iPhone coming out (which will give me sooo many reasons not to listen to the person talking on the other end of the phone) but all the kids … Continue reading

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Most important thing in the world today… Google Unbound

For those of you who may not have heard, Google sponsored a line up of speakers focused on the book publishing industry today in New York.  By my estimations there were about 500 people in attendance comprised mostly of publishers, … Continue reading

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Great News for Music

I found some great music websites and new bands over the last few days.  First of all, the site (now is a great place to find new unsigned bands and download music for free.  The site is very … Continue reading

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Noise Floor By Bright Eyes

My bad day was quickly turned around when I found out the new Bright Eyes album is available for streaming on the Saddle Creek website. It does not go on sale until tomorrow, but you should check it out today.

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Hitting for the cycle

In tribute of Gary Matthews Jr. hitting for the cycle I have posted a video of Bob Dylan almost hitting for the proverbial music cycle. These performances are from the first Johnny Cash show in 1969. Dylan plays a country … Continue reading

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The Coolest Country Ever

Just in case there was any question. Here is something cool to watch on the 5 year anniversary.

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First to Last, Back in Time in 40 Years

Today is a big day. Right here, right now on this blog you can watch the first music video ever and the last music video (latest). And the were made by the same person, Bob Dylan. Subterranean Homesick Blues is … Continue reading

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Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Thanks to Bill Simmons for this clip. Very, very cool. I’ve never seen anything like it, please share it with a friend. Hot dogs, baseball and revolutionary music, is there anything more American.

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On Top of Their Game

I hate to admit it, but I must say that Coldplay has released a great CD.  I am totally not the type of guy to recommend (or even listen to ) a modern, mainstream band.  What started it all was … Continue reading

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