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Testing Links to SMS

Universal Long Code Link Long code universal Universal Short Code Link Short code universal Iphone > ios8: Short code >ios8 iPhone < ios8: Short code Android – Short code Android This works! Iphone > ios8: Long Code >ios8 iPhone < … Continue reading

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I guess that it’s called experience when you’ve seen this one before. As the stock market is falling, venture capital is freezing up and we’re looking for a new president – it’s obviously reminiscent of 2008.┬áIt seems sort of obvious … Continue reading

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Why Messaging Matters

I’m writing a series of posts about messaging for businesses. Even with a simple sentence like that, there are a lot of definitions that need to be fleshed out, but generally I’m thinking about businesses using channels like Facebook Messenger, … Continue reading

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SMS is good for communication

That’s easy enough, right? There has been a few articles recently focusing on SMS. That’s exciting because I’ve been working with an SMS platform for 7 years and happy to be hearing more buzz about the channel. I read an … Continue reading

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Wrapbootstrap theme on Rails 4 App

A few weeks back I bought a theme from wrapbootstrap in order to play around a bit with a new design. This kicked off a fairly and confusing process to get it set up in my Rails 4 app. I … Continue reading

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Making Users Pay – Building a Site with Stripe and Devise

I took the One Month Rails tutorial and I’m continuing to build out the site. I wanted to add a credit card charge for a SaaS model business and I’d heard great things about Stripe, so I used them. The … Continue reading

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Learnign Rails Chapter 1

After a year-long course trying to learn the basics of Ruby I’m moving on to learn Rails. I definitely would not say that I have a firm understanding of the Ruby language, or even the concepts, but I’ve learned how … Continue reading

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Creating Successful Calls to Action

If you’ve read my previous post, then hopefully your convinced that the most effective use of your mobile campaign is to add calls to action to media as a way to get viewers to engage with your brand. Now I’d … Continue reading

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The most important function of your mobile campaign

I rewrote this post several times, trying to articulate the point that I want to make. I’ve been thinking this for a long time and I still cannot distill this point into a concise title, so I guess it will … Continue reading

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Measuring a Mobile Campaign

When I discuss mobile campaigns I’m focusing on opt in text messaging. We already know how to measure mobile advertising, with click-throughs, and possibly actions, if you’re lucky. Opt in text messaging is a little different. It’s most similar to … Continue reading

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