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Testing Links to SMS

Universal Long Code Link Long code universal Universal Short Code Link Short code universal Iphone > ios8: Short code >ios8 iPhone < ios8: Short code Android – Short code Android This works! Iphone > ios8: Long Code >ios8 iPhone < … Continue reading

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I guess that it’s called experience when you’ve seen this one before. As the stock market is falling, venture capital is freezing up and we’re looking for a new president – it’s obviously reminiscent of 2008.┬áIt seems sort of obvious … Continue reading

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Why Messaging Matters

I’m writing a series of posts about messaging for businesses. Even with a simple sentence like that, there are a lot of definitions that need to be fleshed out, but generally I’m thinking about businesses using channels like Facebook Messenger, … Continue reading

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SMS is good for communication

That’s easy enough, right? There has been a few articles recently focusing on SMS. That’s exciting because I’ve been working with an SMS platform for 7 years and happy to be hearing more buzz about the channel. I read an … Continue reading

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Wrapbootstrap theme on Rails 4 App

A few weeks back I bought a theme from wrapbootstrap in order to play around a bit with a new design. This kicked off a fairly and confusing process to get it set up in my Rails 4 app. I … Continue reading

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Making Users Pay – Building a Site with Stripe and Devise

I took the One Month Rails tutorial and I’m continuing to build out the site. I wanted to add a credit card charge for a SaaS model business and I’d heard great things about Stripe, so I used them. The … Continue reading

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Learnign Rails Chapter 1

After a year-long course trying to learn the basics of Ruby I’m moving on to learn Rails. I definitely would not say that I have a firm understanding of the Ruby language, or even the concepts, but I’ve learned how … Continue reading

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