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Week four football betting results

I’m starting this week down $400 from last week. I don’t much remember my bets – let’s see how I did. My gut tells me that I actually made money this week. ST. LOUIS over Buffalo (-8.5) $200 Not even … Continue reading

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Football Betting Week 4

It’s week 4 in the NFL, but only my second week tracking football bets. If you’d like to understand why, you can read about it in my previous NFL betting post. Last week I saved $400 by not betting on … Continue reading

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First Week of Faux Football betting

So the previous post explains why I am picking games online instead of betting on them. I haven’t looked at my picks yet, but I remember that I won at least on game. Let’s assume that I bet $100 on … Continue reading

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How I’m saving a few thousand dollars

Last Sunday I spent about 7 hours in a sports bar watching football, drinking Guiness and eating fried food. My portion of the tab came to $100, but it could have been a lot worse. The guys sitting next to … Continue reading

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Best Anti-McCain Ad So Far

Finally someone makes an ad that connects the dots and doesn’t leave any wiggle room for John McCain. McCain says that he’s about change in Washington – watch this ad. Please help spread this video around the internet.

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Worst TV Commercial Ever: HSBC Logging

So there is a new HSBC commercial I’ve seen twice. I can’t find the video online, but if you have a link, please leave it in the comments. I can’t immagine how this commercial can possibly relate to banking, but … Continue reading

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18 million cracks in the McCain Rhetoric

Can’t reporters and journalists relate to the base of truth when talking to and about the presidential candidates? The media needs to tell the story correctly instead of always telling both sides of the story regardless of how innacurate one … Continue reading

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Some real estate research

I’ve abandoned my typepad blog. Honestly, there is no reason to pay for publishing software; WordPress is great. If anything I’ll pay for some hosting so that I can install javascript. Anyway, I was beginning to write about a new … Continue reading

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