Who plays drums?

Its quite understandable that when you get two supergroups like U2 and Green Day together in order to  collaborate on a project you are going to get some overlap.  Obviously both Billy Joe and Bono get to sing.  You will have more guitar players than either group is used to, which isn’t really a problem.  Even having two bass players on the same track may yeild some cool stuff.

But what do the drummers do?  These guys are not The Dead and there is no way that two drummers could fit on this song.  So who gets to play?  Do they flip a coin or each maybe get one drumstick?

Here is the video.  I would rate this song as a D.  I wish they would have just covered House of the Rising Sun.

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1 Response to Who plays drums?

  1. les says:

    they both play, did u not see them perform it live? both drummers play on the song

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