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At Least One Ammendment Was Left Intact

Here is the story that Alberto Gonzales’ liaison to the White House, Monica GOODling, is BAD. She announced today that she will be evoking her 5th amendment right to not incriminate herself¬† during the upcoming Senate hearings. For translation, this … Continue reading

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Answering Age Old Questions

Anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant knows what “86” means, but how many people know where the term originated? Well at least one person knows, sort of. Supposedly, “86” started at Chumley’s, one of the oldest and hardest … Continue reading

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Starbucks (How to Dilute A Brand)

I’ve noticed a few things at my local Starbucks since Howard Schultz announced that he felt the brand was diluted. Here are two ways they have proved the above announcement to me. 1. Crossing the line to make that extra … Continue reading

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Mega Modest Mouse Mania

I know its old school, but I actually ordered the new Modest Mouse CD from Amazon.¬† I am extremely excited because it should be arriving today. At the same time I feel bad because all the cool kids have downloaded … Continue reading

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Blogging with Clipmarks

Here is a quote that I clipped from the Internet using a new site called clipmarks. CM allows you to grab a piece of text from the Internet and then automatically post it to your blog, email it or save … Continue reading

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Sorry, Most Web 2.0 Companies (How to Build a Bubble)

I work at a web 2.0 company and when I am not working I am probably reading about or meeting other 2.0 entrepreneurs. I love most things about the people and the web sites that we call 2.0,but there is … Continue reading

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Frucall – Mobile Shopping

Wow, I really got off track reviewing Mobile 2.0 companies. If you find this interesting please click to my Squidoo MoCo20 page. For the second installment I am going to try Frucall. This may be one of the best ideas … Continue reading

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Great New Products are Harder to Sell

Take a look at your standard bell curve for a new product. It’s literally a double edge sword. There are a lot of people in the middle of the curve. If you have a product ready for the mass like … Continue reading

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My New Neon Bible Comes with Friends

2007 will be a great year for music. Not only is the iPhone coming out (which will give me sooo many reasons not to listen to the person talking on the other end of the phone) but all the kids … Continue reading

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