I once received a very hateful letter in which it was said that I “didn’t have a modicum of common sense”. At the time, although I new the guy was a complete asshole, I thought that he was a decent writer. The phrase just sounds well constructed and almost familiar.

Maybe the reason that the phrase read so well wasn’t that Mark (asshole) is a great writer, maybe the reason was that the phrase is so cliche it is actually the example sentence in the dictionary. What a knob.

And not to be cliche myself, but the American justice system does not even posses a modicum of common sense. I just read a report that the child pornography case against John Karr was dropped. So the record of events for this guy goes something like this:

  • Karr admits to killing Jon Bennet
  • He is flown first class to the US
  • He is found innocent because of DNA evidence
  • And now the prosecutors screwed up so badly that he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

How is it possible that we live in a country where every Friday NBC broadcasts a show where they clearly entrap and arrest would be sex offenders yet we cannot register the most famous sex offender on the planet after he admitted to two different crimes?

Its not that we can’t convict him, we can’t register him. He was an American living in Thailand for godsake. You should automatically be registered if you spend more than 4 consecutive days in Thailand, he was living there. I wouldn’t trust my kids around a 40 year old guy that ate Thai food a lot.

I’m sick of yelling at my computer screen. Write your congressman or something.

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