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Did the US Government Just Spam Me?

I just received an email at my Yahoo! account which looks and feels a lot like spam, but came from a .gov account. Is it possible for the sender to disguise his URL when sending email? The only other option … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Speaks at Google

The Internet is abuzz with Ron Paul because of his message. I am always too optimistic when it comes to underdogs, but I hope his campaign supporters continue to grow. That is why I am sharing this video. The networks … Continue reading

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What do the iPhone and lottery tickets have in common?

When you buy a lottery ticket you aren’t really buying a chance to win a bazillion dollars. What your dollar purchase actually get you is the 24-48 hours worth of daydreaming “What if I did win?” The ticket that lets … Continue reading

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Who is your candidate?

This is a really cool site to cut through the bullshit of politics. The site asks your opinion on 23 different political issues. Answer how you really feel and then the site tells you which candidate shares the same views … Continue reading

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