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Two Convenient Moves to Save the World

I found two things that you can do to help the planet AND yourself. 1. I eat a ton of peanut butter sandwiches, but I never knew they saved the world. I was called a HERO by the friend that … Continue reading

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The Answer to My Prayers

It has finally happened. I have somehow stumbled upon quite possibly the best product ever, The Women in Waders 2007 Calendar. Finally, something for that hard-to-shop-for gentleman (or lady) that loves women AND fishing. Now the important thing to notice … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Why This is my Favorite Commercial?

but it is. Will I buy Old Spice? No

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scanR Review

So let me say again that I love the idea of scanR. At this time though, it can’t work. I took pictures with three cameras and the best result that I got was about 75% accuracy of information. I think … Continue reading

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Fighting Free

I would say that an emerging rule of the Internet is that someone is always willing to give it away for free.  That is what your business is up against. There are many examples.  Music may be the most obvious … Continue reading

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The Free WiFi Future

I think there are maybe 1000 in the United States that don’t want free and ubiquitous WiFi networks.  These people own ISP’s and airports, they make their money by charging for Internet access. For the rest of us, we are … Continue reading

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James Bond and Mobile 2.0

If this interests you at all, check out my other site. The plot goes something like this… Its 1974 and 007 is at a party being thrown by an international currency trader who also dabbles in weapons exchanges with the … Continue reading

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So if you read the post below, you will see that a new focus here is to discover, try and review Mobile 2.0 companies (What does this mean?).  I just wanted to take a second to talk about how I … Continue reading

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Mobile 2.0 is Arriving

For some strange reason America has always been a laggard in the Mobile/Cellular arena.  Sure, everyone you have ever met now has a cell phone, but text messaging really just caught on here after being popular for years in countries … Continue reading

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