Football Betting Week 4

It’s week 4 in the NFL, but only my second week tracking football bets. If you’d like to understand why, you can read about it in my previous NFL betting post.

Last week I saved $400 by not betting on sports. Let’s see if I get any better this week. For the last round every bet was $100. This time I’ll change up the amount.

In order of confidence.

ST. LOUIS over Buffalo (-8.5) $200
I’m taking the home underdog here.

Arizona over the JETS (-1) $200
It’s a matchup of ancient QBs, I’ll take Warner because he’s got better receivers.

KANSAS CITY over Denver (-9.5) $150
This is a division game at home for KC. I think Denver is going to coast a bit after 2 intense games against powerhouses.

Cleveland over CINCINNATI (-3.0) $150
Ohio better deliver a victory for Barack Obama next month after this pitiful display on the football field.

CHICAGO over Phili (-3.0) $150
A decent defense can slow Philadelphia down, and Westbrook is already limping.

Washington over DALLAS (-10) $150
Everything is big in Texas, especially this point spread. My gut says Washington wins this game.

OAKLAND over San Diego (-7.5) $100
Until I see LT show up I’m a bit nervous about this team. How is their defense ranked 29th? I think their better than their record, but the Raiders fans will get in Philip Rivers’ head and he’ll make some mistakes.

Wow, I’m laying out $1100 on the games this week.

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