Some real estate research

I’ve abandoned my typepad blog. Honestly, there is no reason to pay for publishing software; WordPress is great. If anything I’ll pay for some hosting so that I can install javascript.

Anyway, I was beginning to write about a new side project – buying an investment property in the Caribbean. The blog was serving as a way to take notes, communicate with a business partner and keep an archive. This will take place here for now unless I start another blog.

For today I am just going to touch on some logistics of Nicaragua. *** BTW I am basically starting from scratch with a build up of buying a vacation house to rent out. I’ve never even been to the country. Just learned that the capital is Granada.

It seems that the only accessible airport in Nicaragua is in the city of Managua. The city which I have been advised to buy real estate is called San Juan Del Sur. Unfortunately, when I google map directions from Managua to San Juan del Sur, I get now results. Not a particularly good sign.

But the flights are cheap, and the place looks nice.

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One Response to Some real estate research

  1. Thomas says:

    Call us we can help you with researching Central America.



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