Week four football betting results

I’m starting this week down $400 from last week. I don’t much remember my bets – let’s see how I did. My gut tells me that I actually made money this week.

ST. LOUIS over Buffalo (-8.5) $200
Not even close, I’m down $600

Arizona over the JETS (-1) $200

This is ridiculous, I lost this bet badly. This game brings up a huge point. I have Brett Favre on my fantasy team so I was obviously psyched about the 6 touchdown game. If I was betting on this game (real money) I would have been very torn, but admittedly much more pissed about losing a quick $200. Does anyone have experience with this fantasy football vs betting situation?

By the way I’m down a quick $800.

KANSAS CITY over Denver (-9.5) $150
First win is always the toughest. I’m clawing my way back only $650 in the red.

Cleveland over CINCINNATI (-3.0) $150
2 In a row feeling good here, and the Browns get their first win. -$500 over the last 2 weeks.

CHICAGO over Phili (-3.0) $150
I just barely got through this game. It amazes me sometimes when the spread is this close. -$350

Washington over DALLAS (-10) $150
I’m feeling it, only down $200.

OAKLAND over San Diego (-7.5) $100
Oakland lost by 10 points. -$300

Alright so I made $100 this week.

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  1. jrwojdylo says:

    NFL is sooo much harder than college! In college im 29-19 this year. check out my site to enjoy a little bit of friendly betting, no money involved!


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