First Week of Faux Football betting

So the previous post explains why I am picking games online instead of betting on them. I haven’t looked at my picks yet, but I remember that I won at least on game. Let’s assume that I bet $100 on each game.

Here are the picks, followed by results. (and apparently I forgot to publish the post – it was a draft. I published without changing anything or reading it.)

BILLS (-9.5) over Raiders
I lost the first bet here. The Bills won, but only by one. I think it was on a last second field goal. Down $100.

Dolphins over PATS (-13)
I won the first bet back in a big way. Wish I would have started Ronnie Brown on my fantasy team. I’m even.

BEARS (-3) over Bucs
Chicago lost by 3? Shit, down $100 again.

NINERS (-4) over Lions
31-13 sweet. Back to even.

COLTS over Jaguars (+5)
Ouch man. Indy lost this game. I think this was a last second field goal as well. Down $100 again. I’m not sure the chronological order of these games, but I’m sure this would not have been a relaxed Sunday.

Browns over RAVENS (-2.5)
Down $200. Fuck the Browns.

BRONCOS (-5.5) over Saints
Wow man, I am bad. Down $300 right now. I’m pissed. This probably makes Monday at work pretty shitty waiting for one last game to hopefully dig myself out.

Jets (+10) over CHARGERS “San Diego will win, but not by 10 points.”
And decent last words for the week. Down $400 in my first week of betting games.

The real bet here is how much money this blog posting will actually save me. I think I can make this back next week, I just have to bet bigger.

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