Fighting Free

I would say that an emerging rule of the Internet is that someone is always willing to give it away for free.  That is what your business is up against.

There are many examples.  Music may be the most obvious illustration, but a look at the fights between the TV networks and youtube shows that the trend is continuing.  Digging deeper, you can even see in the post below that the Internet itself is getting “free-er”.  Every fact in the universe is just a click away and so is communication across the planet.

If you look hard and smart enough, I bet you can find the free version of almost anything.

The question that you really should be asking yourself is ‘Why will someone pay for mine (whatever that may be) instead of just getting a free version?’

We used to be an industrial economy that had a value on physical assets that produced goods.  Over time we became an information economy where data became the most valuable asset.  I think we are quickly moving into a relationship economy.  Information is getting more free everywhere you look.  What is getting more valuable is the relationship and the trust to believe this information.  Call it branding, call it permission, just do it quickly.

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