Mobile 2.0 is Arriving

For some strange reason America has always been a laggard in the Mobile/Cellular arena.  Sure, everyone you have ever met now has a cell phone, but text messaging really just caught on here after being popular for years in countries like Japan and the UK.

It turns out that we have been behind Europe and Asia in other Mobile technologies also.

What people call Mobile 2.0 (and I like to call MoCo20) is a collection of 3rd party start ups that facilitate mobile communities, mobile content and new applications for mobile phones.  This post will really do a better job of describing what the term actually means.   2007 is the year that these Mobile 2.0 companies become popular in the US.

This blog is jumping in with two feet.  A major focus from this day forward is to profile the MoCo’s, use their service and then review them.  In addition I have built a Squidoo Lens about MoCo20’s.  This webpage lists a lot of the companies making headway, (you can suggest more) links to some very smart people and best of all, this lens lets you vote for and rank the services that you use.

So click to this page and check out some of the companies that I will be profiling.  Most of them are just starting off so their services are totally free.  These are the Napsters, Myspaces and YouTubes of tomorrow which you can check out today.

If this interests you at all please subscribe to this blog and leave a comment, join the discussion.  You’ll be hearing from me soon.

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3 Responses to Mobile 2.0 is Arriving

  1. noah kagan says:

    i look forward to reading about that.

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