James Bond and Mobile 2.0

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The plot goes something like this…

Its 1974 and 007 is at a party being thrown by an international currency trader who also dabbles in weapons exchanges with the USSR.  Eye patches are being donned, beautiful campaigns are imbibed by beautiful women and James Bond is in a dark study on the second floor taking pictures with his bow tie.  The pictures are of blue prints for a nuclear reactor scheduled to be built in what one day we’ll call Armenia.

Bond will eventually be lured in by an evil temptress whom he meets at this party.   After a perfectly timed and executed seduction she will turn 007 over to the evil arms dealer that she was working for all along.  Bond will escape a certain death, kill the evil villain, foil the construction of the nuclear reactor AND get the girl to change her ways and desire him for the rest of her life.  And all this was initiated by the first photographs taken at the party.

Now comes the unbelievable part.  Are we really to assume that M, Q or 007 himself was analyzing the blueprints for the reactor in JPEG format, or worse yet, actual paper prints??  I just don’t buy it – there are too many holes in that idea.  So how did the techies at MI6 get those pictures in to searchable PDFs?

  The answer is most likely scanR.  Apparently this company has been around for a while, but their technology is just now available for personal use on your cell phone.  That’s right, this service which is free (for now) allows you to take a picture of any paper documents or whiteboard and it will convert them to a PDF file.  More than that, you can take a picture of a business card and scanR will digitize and email you the contact information.

For the next week I will be using scanR as much as possible and I will report back how well it works.

Initial Impressions (before any use)

Awesome: This is a great idea.  It will save me hours, days or even years (depending how many currency traders/arms dealers I meet).  The business card application seems perfect for, well, anyone that gives or receives business cards.  And I’ll finally find out what a whiteboard is.

Sucks: I need a 2 mpxl camera for the business card function!  The Motorola Q is only 1.3!!  I still have 2 years on my contract!!!  Like it really matters once the iPhone comes out.  Either way, I don’t blame you scanR (yet) I blame Motorola.

Talk to you soon.

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4 Responses to James Bond and Mobile 2.0

  1. Just to let you know that there is not one unique answer to your James Bond question !

    It turns out that there are other services providing mobile copy, like qipit, by Realeyes3d. Speaking of how long it has been around, there is a CNBC video on Realeyes3d’s website showing them introducing mobile scanning more than a year ago … Yet as you point it out the handset market was not delivering enough high quality camera phones !

    Both Realeyes3d’s qipit service and ScanR were introduced at DEMO fall conference in San Diego

    Check it out and see by yourself, you might even win an iPhone…


  2. Here is the San Diego video, found it on YouTube at


    Cheers !


  3. Jef says:

    Try Snapter. It is a much better product.
    You can install it on the computer so you dont have to keep sending emails of your documents to a third party and you can get instant results instead of waiting for emails to arrive.


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