scanR Review

So let me say again that I love the idea of scanR. At this time though, it can’t work.

I took pictures with three cameras and the best result that I got was about 75% accuracy of information. I think that once camera phones have better resolution this company will really have a product worth talking about(and word will spread fast).

I don’t have time to write a more in depth review, but if you have questions about the service, please email me or leave a comment.

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1 Response to scanR Review

  1. Howard Leu says:

    I only tried out ScanR recently, but it seems to work rather well, at least with my phone camera, which has 3MP resolution, and auto-focus capability. I’m curious what were the specs of the three cameras that you tried; also, when I used the service, it was explicitly stated that certain minimum resolution were required for different types of scan–documents or whiteboards–and I was wondering if that information was stated at the time you tried the service.

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