So if you read the post below, you will see that a new focus here is to discover, try and review Mobile 2.0 companies (What does this mean?).  I just wanted to take a second to talk about how I plan on evaluating these companies.

1.  Does the product work?  Yes I know we are all in Beta.  I’ll try more than once, but sooner or later it has to do something.

(who took this picture?)

2.  Do I have a problem that this product solves?  This seems like a legitimate question right?

3.  Coolness factor.  To me, this could be what the whole thing is about, people will show their friends and contact list Cool.

4.  Is this product unique?  How?  At this early stage in the industry a lot of companies are going after  the same functions, but there are a few people doing some things all by themselves.

5.  Will this be around in 5 years?  Sooner or later the investors are going to want their money to return.  Can this company get funded?  Can this company (product) make money?

6.  What would David Cross think of this idea?  His honest unbiased opinion.

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1 Response to Criteria

  1. noah kagan says:

    looking forward to it!

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