The most important function of your mobile campaign

I rewrote this post several times, trying to articulate the point that I want to make. I’ve been thinking this for a long time and I still cannot distill this point into a concise title, so I guess it will take a little more typing.

Working in business development for a mobile company I hear a lot of good ideas for mobile campaigns (and a few bad ones), but there is one strategy that consistently produces the most value for the company looking to launch the mobile campaign. This strategy is where I recommend potential clients start. And the strategy is…

Use mobile to create engagement and opt in to future communication driven from your media.

This means to include mobile calls to action in TV, radio, print, press releases, outdoor and at live events. In all of these instances it’s a no-brainer to say your website, right? All of this media is actually much better suited for a mobile call to action rather than a web call to action (but do them both anyway).

I know the campaign will be successful when the potential client says, “We want to incorporate a mobile call to action into this media campaign… to get more people involved.”

Adding a mobile call to action to media works so well because a phone is a communication tool. Users can take that first step and “sign up” with their phone, and in doing so they are entering your database/digital universe. After they text in it’s very easy to ask for their name, email address, physical address or any profile information.

Over and over again I’ve seen clients  include mobile calls to action in media and be very happy with the results. In every case the client gets more subscribers to their follow up communications campaign. As a rule of thumb, a mobile CTA should bring in about 4 times as many opted in email addresses as a web call to action, but I’ve seen differences as large as 50 times more opted in emails from mobile CTAs.

Next I’m going to talk about how to create successful mobile calls to action in media, so stay tuned.

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