Learnign Rails Chapter 1

After a year-long course trying to learn the basics of Ruby I’m moving on to learn Rails. I definitely would not say that I have a firm understanding of the Ruby language, or even the concepts, but I’ve learned how to google a few things. For Rails I’m using the Head First book which is a super graphic and sing-songy way to learn. It’s corny, but pretty good at helping you actually build things that you may be able to use.

In the first chapter there were a few snafus that I was able to get around with some help from the internet. First, this book is old, it’s been sitting on my desk for at least a year. In that time, a new version of Rails has been released which made things tricky. I believe the first command on the first page didn’t work because there is different syntax with Rails 3. Great!!!

I found a site that was a huge help. The blog is written by Tim van Gelder and he’s made a simple spreadsheet of the syntax changes. Find it here http://timvangelder.com/2012/02/25/using-head-first-rails-with-rails-3-x/ This was great and a quick fix.

My second issue was a bit tougher. I was so excited with my new powers that I accidentally ordered Rails to create a table, but I didn’t add any fields to the table. Of course with the scaffold command I didn’t know how to do-over. I guess that I should have just generated a migration to add fields to the table, but I wanted to do this the hard way.

I was actually able to delete the table that I created in the database SQLite3. I found a post on http://dashdingo.org/post/1627307077/sqlite3-sqlexception-table-already-exists that helped me do this. One thing to note is that Rails names the database table as a plural. I knew the website address was plural, but it wasn’t clear that the actual table is named the plural as well.

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