Creating Successful Calls to Action

If you’ve read my previous post, then hopefully your convinced that the most effective use of your mobile campaign is to add calls to action to media as a way to get viewers to engage with your brand. Now I’d like to talk about how to create successful calls to action that get people to take out their phone and text in.

What is a call to action (CTA)? A call to action is when you ask someone to take an action – usually happening in media. One example of a CTA is to say “visit our website at”. An example of a mobile call to action would ask someone to text a Keyword to a shortcode.

There are 3 important factors to creating successful calls to action.

Clarity is King The call to action should be simple and very easy for the viewer, listener or reader to understand.

“Text JOIN to 12345”

This seems straightforward, but there are a lot of ways to mess this up – most of them include getting too cute with the keyword or the short code. Keep it simple so that the person hearing the message is not confused what to do.

Make the CTA prominent Every type of media has it’s version of fine print. Don’t put the call to action in the fine print. If you’re driving people to sign up from the commercial or advertisement, make sure the ask is a major point of the commercial. The person doing graphics should understand how to make the call to action pop – it’s your job to make sure they do.



Repeat The standard rule for TV and radio is the CTA should be repeated 3 times. For video you should also have the call to action on a sidebar or bottom 3rd of the screen the entire commercial. In most print ads you cannot repeat in the same way, so prominence is more important.

Find a Reason Of course the most important aspect of the call to action is that the target needs a good reason to take action. In almost every case it’s better to be specific – “For more information text KEYWORD to 12345” doesn’t work well. People know how to find more information, it’s called google.

The best CTAs ask for something specific:
“To vote on American Idol, text the word VOTE to 12345”
“To find the closest location to get a flu shot, text SHOT to 12345”
“For a chance to win, text ENTER to 12345”

Check back for some examples of successful calls to action.

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