Starbucks (How to Dilute A Brand)

I’ve noticed a few things at my local Starbucks since Howard Schultz announced that he felt the brand was diluted. Here are two ways they have proved the above announcement to me.

1. Crossing the line to make that extra dollar. In the picture to the left there are two CDs next to each other. On the left is the James Morrison CD (he is already crossing the line being a musician with that name) and on the right is a Doors CD. Sure, anyone buying a CD should know that James Morrison is not Jim Morrison from the Doors. That being said, I don’t believe it is just coincidence that the discs are on the same POP display. Its dubious to place these discs together to get an extra sale.

2. Not really caring. Here is a pic of the unusual lid they put on my cup of coffee. The lid ripped and annoyed me as I drank the coffee. The bad part? There wasn’t a reason to use this lid. When I saw the unusual coffee lid I asked about it and she gave me a standard lid also. It wasn’t a problem that they were out of the regular lids.

Is your business stepping over the line or not really caring? If so, let’s hope you have Starbucks name recognition and assets to correct the problem.

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