Part II

Of course there is followup to the previous post.  I emailed Bernie early in the day and told him to call the police immediately.  Then I called Bernie last night and spoke with him.  The situation seemed in control.  The other “roomate” got on the phone and the situation didn’t seem too bad.  More of an arguement between two roomates that were disagreeing on rent and terms of a short lease.

Then I got this email.

Dear Mike,

I should have acted sooner as Mark turned quite violent last night when I told him he would have to leave by Saturday. He grabbed me, then grabbed the phone when I tried to call the police and began choking and punching me. After he calmed down we went to a restaurant where two policewomen were. I asked them for help.

They arrested Mark and he resisted so they hit him on the head with a nightstick, They drove me to the station to fill out forms and take pictures of my bruises and torn shirt. They charged him with assault and resisting arrest and put him on a peace bond to have him stay away from me.

Although he robbed me and did not pay me, he brought several thousand dollars worth of new furniture here, which I will keep in lieu of payment.

He had no intention of leaving, figured he could control me. I don’t know how I let that happen. It was a nightmare.

Anyway, hopefully we’ve seen the last of him. When you get here, we will change the lock.

If you pass though Oil City, stop at (a bar he owns) and tell whoever is there that you are my roommate and not to charge you. It’s about 95 miles east of Cleveland. My daughter-in-law, Tammy , is managing it.

I’m looking forward to you coming here.

All my best,

My first apartment in New York.

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