Where is my Wifi

I don’t want to sound like a cheap bastard, but c’mon airports we can do better.  I can understand when my flight is delayed for safety or weather reasons that are really out of anybody’s control, or at least well intentioned.

What infuriates me is charging for Wifi in airports. (The sign at right may in fact be for free Wifi – it was the only picture that I could find)  Traveling over the last few weeks I have found that airports such as O’Hare and Atlanta will post signs that make it look like there is free wifi, but in fact there is a charge.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t hang out in airports.  I like to get there just in time to make my flight.  Usually I have 20 minutes to spare.  Is that the customer that the airport is targeting with their $7.95 charge for Internet access.  I doubt it.

Airports would never think that anyone at any level of digerati(ness) would pay $8 for a half hour of Internet.  The airports are clearly targeting pissed off customers with delayed flight that need to be productive since their travel plans have changed.  Talk about kicking someone while they are down.

Not to mention the margins that airports are making.  Iwould guess that to Wifi the entire airport it can’t cost more than $100 a day.  Shouldn’t the airlines pick up this tab? They are the ones creating this demand.  I view this as an incentive for airlines to delay flights, although I don’t believe this is policy necessarily.

As a country we are making great stides in technology and communication accessability.  Hell, as taxpayers I’m sure all of us pay for wifi for many school children and the poor that use libraries.  Can we start with the airports?

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