Does anyone know this scam??

I found an apartment on Craigslist. I move in 8/1 and I’m out of town until then -> can’t look for another apartment. Not to mention that I put money down to hold the place. My future roomate is 72 and seems like a pretty good guy. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

This is the email I got this morning –

Dear Mike,

I may need your help when you come here. Two weeks ago I told a man, M__ M____, that he could stay here til the end of July for $500. Mark has an apartment in Queens, but prowls the Village and is seeing a doctor at St. Vincent’s Hospital for cancer.

He never gave me a cent, instead “borrowed” over $300 “for a few days,” all the money I had left.

He then threw out much of my furniture, while bringing other furniture in. He has taken my keys, making me a virtual prisoner in my own house.

I have held off going to the police because he promises to pay me back every day. I don’t know which way to turn, but will try to have him out of here before you arrive. I am rather afraid of him.

He is a hustler, and spins one lie after another.

Fortunately he knows nothing about computers.

Can you advise? Should I go to the police now or wait a few days in hopes he will repay me?


Does anyone know if this is a scam? or what the angle is?

Anyone have a room to rent?

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2 Responses to Does anyone know this scam??

  1. loricat says:

    Good god! And you emailed back right away: GO TO THE POLICE, right?

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