I knew it

When I was a freshman in high school the Seniors supposedly played jokes on the new class by selling them pool passes and elevator keys.  Now I did not go to a top-notch prep school, but I still don’t think that any students were gullible enough to give the Seniors money for these obviously fabricated privileges.

About the same time that I was not buying elevator keys, the movie Tommy Boy was released in theatres.  The movie popularized the idea of ‘cow tipping’ which by now you know means pushing over cows as they sleep.

Something about cow tipping just sat wrong with me.  I didn’t believe that it was popular among country kids or even possible for that matter.   Going to college in a rural town just reinforced my suspicions.  Everyone believed in cow tipping or had friends that had cow tipped, but no one ever had done it themselves.  I was sure that cow tipping was just a joke that country kids played on people from the city.  The opposite of an urban legend.

One day my belief was shattered by a friend of a friend that had definitely cow tipped on several occassions.  I couldn’t believe it.  Nothing had changed my world view so quickly or so drastically.

That is until I read the December issue of Wired magazine.  As it turns out I was right all along.  Cow tipping is virtually impossible and most probably made up.  Cows don’t even sleep lying down, who knew?

Oh yeah, gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for 7 years either.  Gum is not digested at all and it usually passes through within 24 hours.

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