Joost is the most important thing in the world…today

So the Beta of Joost just launched today. Joost is a peer to peer television over the Internet. After reading some reviews by beta testers I found 2 advantages that Joost may have right now.

First, Joost simply has better picture quality than Youtube or Google Video. This is huge. Youtube and the like are great as potential but the quality has always reminded me of playing Pacman.

The more important aspect of Joost though is its usability. The founders are actually trying to make Joost feel like your TV. Everyone knows what Youtube is because of their spectacular buyout, but it is a stretch to think that the average Joe is going to change his tv viewing habits to accommodate a new technology. Whoever solves this Internet+Video puzzle needs to match approach the simple user interface of the television. Whether or not Joost has accomplished this, they seem to understand it.

The one obvious problem for now (I believe) is that Joost does not play over your regular TV, only through the Internet. I just worry that this product will only be used by adults that read reddit and digg, and 14 year olds. So I guess in the end, this company is building killer products (Skype also) that can change the world, but only making them feasibly usable by the top 1%.

I think 99 out of 100 people would rather hit the channel button than the mouse button to watch something different.

Here is Spencer Reiss with a great article about Joost in Wired Magazine.

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One Response to Joost is the most important thing in the world…today

  1. Rob says:

    Can you please send me a joost invite. It looks amazing. I would greatly appreciate it. I will pay it forward. Thanks


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