Campaigning to Govern

You can look at the Obama campaign over the last 8 months and find many impressive qualities. But the most unbelievable quality has been the fact that he has always chosen to the high road to improve the country rather than take the easy way out.

Here are a few recent examples.

Choosing a VP to govern, not to win. Last week (I believe it was on Meet The Press) Barack stressed that he was choosing a VP based on his/her effectiveness as a leader not on their ability to carry a state or region in the election. [Disclaimer:] A VP hasn’t been chosen yet, but this is the right move. The first and best way to get over low and petty politics is to never let them enter the picture. Barack has never taken money from special interests and he isn’t making long term decisions with a short term vision.

Researching the issues instead of posing for pictures. Here is a quote from left-leaning Huffingtom Post (by William Bradley)

Obama should have descended from the Olympian heights he reached in Berlin at the beginning of the week. Instead he began with a high-level meeting with elite economic advisors in Washington , rather than a house meeting in Missouri.

Who were the advisors that Obama was meeting with? They included Warren Buffet (world’s richest man), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and Paul Volcker (Federal Reserve Chairman). Obama is clearly a candidate that is preparing to face the toughest issue for the next president, our backwards and anemic economy.

The McCain camp was busy making ridiculous TV commercials this week. Really?? Barack and Moses?? See below.

And finaly as true evidence that Barack is thinking of governing, he has refused to take off the gloves and play dirty. He knows that in order to turn this country around he is going to need the help of Republicans and Democrats, Red States and Blue States – and sparring with such a clearly inferior apponent doesn’t help his cause come January.

Sure it’s a risk to fight clean with the right wing. We (should have) learned our lesson before. That being said, this may be the last best chance for a politician that we can believe in. Someone more concerned with America than with winning, more focused on moving forward instead of scoring points, more concerned with leading instead of campaigning.

It isn’t worth blowing that chance at true success by being something he’s not.

See the most ridiculous video of the week below.

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