There Will Be Boredom

Before today the last movie that I saw in the theater was The Departed, which was amazing. Based on a great trailer I ventured out this morning to see There Will Be Blood which has a limited release.

The trailer makes the movie look like an action packed power struggle for oil in the early 20th century. Sorry to tell you that it isn’t. There isn’t any struggle, any victory, celebration or even downfall. Looking back, there isn’t even much character development.

The movie is about Daniel Day Lewis (Daniel Plainview) leasing and and drilling an oilfield in the middle of nowhere, California. That’s it. There isn’t a rival or competition to speak of. There is never a chance that Plainview will fail. There isn’t a possibility of Plainview losing his fortune.

The plot, if there is one, would surround Plainview being a dick and hurting people close to him. That’s all. I just spoiled the whole movie for you.

If you need to see a movie, I hear that Bucket List is ok.

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