What do the iPhone and lottery tickets have in common?

When you buy a lottery ticket you aren’t really buying a chance to win a bazillion dollars. What your dollar purchase actually get you is the 24-48 hours worth of daydreaming “What if I did win?” The ticket that lets you live in the fantasy for a little while is well-worth the dollar you spent even if you will never win the cash.

This is exactly what the first iPhone users bought on June 29th. They weren’t purchasing a mobile device to make calls and surf the Internet – that was already available for $25 in the Motorola Q. The first iPhone buyers were purchasing that weekend’s worth of attention. If you had the iPhone the girl in the coffee shop or that guy on the train new that you were on the leading edge and important enough to have the hottest piece of silicon east of Jessica Simpson’s right tit.

What makes me a little sad is all of the Apple fanboys that flippantly threw $600 down for the iPhone are now complaining about $200. Worse yet now they are so easily appeased by $100. What would that girl in the coffee shop think now??

The real issue though is Steve Jobs’ mastery of the situation. Does anyone really believe that this 9/6 announcement wasn’t in the works when the phone was released on 6/29? This $100gift card was in the budget back in January and Apple pulled it off brilliantly.

Cheers to Apple and the best PR in the World.

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