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Tech Bubble – No Way

There is a good amount of discussion on whether we are entering another tech bubble. I say that we aren’t entering a bubble although we are starting an economic cycle towards the web. Think about it. Bubble has a horrible … Continue reading

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Blogging While Busy

Thanks for everyone thats been subscribing, if you haven’t yet please click the RSS button or “subscribe through email” if you like what you read of course. I’m trying to post regularly, but it’s so hard during the summer and … Continue reading

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New and cool web tool

so how cool is this new web tool called screencast- o -matic. Its a free tool that allows you to do screen casts very easily. No downloads, build and save everything online. You can even export to Quicktime and embed … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Power

Two very different takes on the same rule. Seth argues that each landing page is really just a ‘homepage’ for that specific visitor. If it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, make them feel what they want to … Continue reading

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Actually Doing Something

Guess what guys, we have enough evidence. Almost everyday Reddit and Digg have numerous posts exposing a new scandal or another incident that the government should be doing something about. Today I realized that these links, obviously popular, are just … Continue reading

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Can’t Miss Event

Hey Next- There is a new monthly event on the New York Tech scene that you really should check out. It is called the Hatchery and, as you probably can guess, it involves startups and young companies presenting their plans … Continue reading

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Cheer Up Buddy/Perfect Timing

Two thumbs up for reddit. First of all, I’m sure you will get a boost in readership from the digg meltdown yesterday. More importantly Alexis just told me about the upcoming release of sub-reddits. This feature can be added to … Continue reading

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