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Knowledge is Power

Two very different takes on the same rule. Seth argues that each landing page is really just a ‘homepage’ for that specific visitor. If it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, make them feel what they want to … Continue reading

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Actually Doing Something

Guess what guys, we have enough evidence. Almost everyday Reddit and Digg have numerous posts exposing a new scandal or another incident that the government should be doing something about. Today I realized that these links, obviously popular, are just … Continue reading

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Can’t Miss Event

Hey Next- There is a new monthly event on the New York Tech scene that you really should check out. It is called the Hatchery and, as you probably can guess, it involves startups and young companies presenting their plans … Continue reading

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Cheer Up Buddy/Perfect Timing

Two thumbs up for reddit. First of all, I’m sure you will get a boost in readership from the digg meltdown yesterday. More importantly Alexis just told me about the upcoming release of sub-reddits. This feature can be added to … Continue reading

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HD DVD Hex Code Fiasco Explained

In case you heard the buzz going around the Internet, but aren’t sure what is happening. You see there is a whole movement going on called Web 2.0 – In theory it’s really cool, web sites are more open and … Continue reading

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Sorry, Most Web 2.0 Companies (How to Build a Bubble)

I work at a web 2.0 company and when I am not working I am probably reading about or meeting other 2.0 entrepreneurs. I love most things about the people and the web sites that we call 2.0,but there is … Continue reading

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We lost the Internet for a bit, but everyone survived. I am proud how everyone handled it. The video shows what can happen without Internet access.

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Two Convenient Moves to Save the World

I found two things that you can do to help the planet AND yourself. 1. I eat a ton of peanut butter sandwiches, but I never knew they saved the world. I was called a HERO by the friend that … Continue reading

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The Answer to My Prayers

It has finally happened. I have somehow stumbled upon quite possibly the best product ever, The Women in Waders 2007 Calendar. Finally, something for that hard-to-shop-for gentleman (or lady) that loves women AND fishing. Now the important thing to notice … Continue reading

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Fighting Free

I would say that an emerging rule of the Internet is that someone is always willing to give it away for free.  That is what your business is up against. There are many examples.  Music may be the most obvious … Continue reading

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