Do keywords matter?

If you’re launching a mobile marketing campaign where users text in a keyword to interact with your brand, does that keyword matter? The answer is… it matters a little bit, but a lot of the time, the team focuses too much on the word.

Most people that interact with your campaign, whether it’s voting, entering a contest or signing up for emails will be texting in while they are viewing the call to action. The keyword does not have to be memorable, like 1-800-COLLECT. The most important aspect of the keyword is that it’s clear and hard to screw up. Examples of good keywords are VOTE, JOIN, JUSTICE, GREEN. Keywords that are not as good are GIVE4CHANGE, VOTEGWB, JOINX7.

Basically, you want to avoid the question from the texter, “What am I supposed to text in?”

At the point in the process where teams are choosing keywords, they should really be building the media plan to promote the keyword. The success of a campaign where people text in is 99% about a clear call to action, good media placement and customer engagement and only %1 about the keyword.

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