Pushing the envelope

If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare to be amazed. A few geniuses figured out how to anayze blood and detect diseases with a cell phone. It sounds like it’s a rather quick and inexpensive way to save lives and educate people in rural areas about disease. The obvious use case is volunteers in Africa testing and identifying sick people in tiny villages without having to send blood samples into a lab and wait for weeks or even months.

This will save millions of lives and billions of dollars if it works as promised.

Here is the amazing part.

These scientists that probably worked for years towards this device totally mailed it in on the final yard. The device is supposedly called the LUCAS imager which stands for, Lensfree Ultrawide-field Cell-monitoring Array platform based on Shadow imaging. Who do you think you’re kidding? The LUCAS?

Don’t you mean the LFUFCMAPBOSI?

I don’t care if you cure cancer, save global warming and win the superbowl, you can’t skip 7 words because they don’t fit in your acronym. An of, a or the – ok fine. This is the USA after all, but this is a Field Monitoring Platform Based on Imaging. Show some fucking respect.

Do you guys really think that an African village wants to be saved by cheaters – that probably sucks at scrabble?

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