My new book

I’m listening to Barack Obama’s first book about his life and race. It’s amazing. But what seems more interesting is the timing of the book. The book was released in 2004 – before Barack had done much of anything (relatively). The way that Barack looks at his life and family is inspiring. Most of all it’s got me thinking about my own biography, written not necissarily for others, but for myself.

There is so much in my life unrecorded and half forgotten and now seems like a good time to regroup and write it down. On that note I’d like to take a look back to remember some stories, notice a few patterns and hopefully impress myself with my memory and the journey so far.

Here is the first stab at some of the chapters.

  • Garfield – the context of my childhood
  • My parents before me
  • Zinner Grandparents
  • Grandma Sabat
  • Grandpa Sabat
  • Moving
  • Still Friends – starting to make lifelong friends
  • Moving forward/separating – going to Miami
  • Floating after College
  • GAC
  • Saturns Return
  • Floating in New York
  • Finding a Mission

That’s all for now.

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