Week 5 NFL Picks

Alright, I’m starting this week down $300. Luckily the stock market is doing well I think. Although I havent checked in a few weeks.

Colts (-3.5) over TEXANS $250
Given the same situation in a few weeks I may pick this differently, but I’m still a believer that Peyton Manning will make Indy work again. Plus they are coming off a bye week.

Bears (-3.5) over LIONS $250

They fired Matt Millen basically acknowledging what everyone knew – they’ve had horrible management for the last 5(?) years. This is going to take some time to turn around. I don’t know if Ford Field actually counts as home field advantage.

GIANTS (-7.5) over Seahawks $250
The Giants are undefeated, coming off a bye, playing at home and they know that every game counts in the NFC East.

Patriots (-3.5) over NINERS $250
I know that that I’m supposed to take home underdogs against the spread, but this is still the Patriots. Even though they don’t have Tom Brady, even though the Dolphins killed them, this is still the (mostly) the team that went 16-0 last year. Bill Belicheck is still the coach. And the 49ers are still the team that went 5-11 last year.

Bengals (+17) over COWBOYS $150

The Bengals are horrible, but 2 weeks ago they went to overtime against the Giants in New York. Carson Palmer is back, and this is only the 5th game so it’s not like everyone in Cincinnati has thrown in the towel.

Bills (+1) over CARDS $500

Have you ever been to the Cardinals stadium? It’s like a shopping mall – it doesn’t feel real. It just makes me feel like Arizona is a soft team. Buffalo needs to keep proving itself and I don’t think they are going to let up now when they have a bye next week. Did anyone see how Arizona imploded in the first half against NY last week?

SAINTS (-3.5) over Vikings$100

The Saints can put up points quickly and the Viking can’t. I don’t see this game close with the saints at home.

Gotta admit that I’m feeling most of these games this week.

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    Build and launch a rocket. ,

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