Careful what you wish for

It is too time consuming to keep a list/record of every McCain f*ckup. Huffington Post does a pretty good job of detailing things.

Two things are very obvious this week.
1. Obama has really stepped up to the plate and embodying the hope that he’s preaching. So far he has run a flawless campaign, even the “mistakes” have not been his, but those around him (Jeremiah Wright).

2. McCain is seriously reaching for anything. I mean trying to spin Obama’s prayer at the holocaust memorial – that’s desperation.

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While Obama was turning the trip McCain goaded him to take into a How to Look Presidential training film, McCain was melting down. There was the Iraq/Pakistan border gaffe — and the far more serious confusion about the role of the surge in the Anbar Awakening. There was the ludicrous ad trying to pin high gas prices on Obama — and the loathsome attempt to turn Obama’s somber visit to a Holocaust museum into a political gotcha. There were the complaints about the media’s “love affair” with Obama — arriving at the same time CBS left McCain’s surge blunder on the editing room floor. And there was the repugnant accusation that “Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign.” File this week under: Be Careful What You Wish For.
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