Why I’m voting for Barack

Today I decided that I am 100% voting for Barack Obama, and to go a step further I am going to volunteer to help his primary campaign. Here is a short list as to why I think he can help America the most and must be elected.

1. For me the number one issue in the campaign is civil liberties, both domestic and in Cuba. Out of the candidates with a legitimate chance of winning I think that he is the only one with an agenda to scale back executive power and protect civil liberties.

2. The country needs to be united (it’s in our name after all). At this point that is a nearly impossible task. The only chance we have is 4 years worth of speeches by a charismatic leader. Example below.

3. He is inexperienced. To me that means the corporations have less control over him. What we desperately need is a president that doesn’t owe people, especially energy and insurance companies.

4. He’s black. I’m not a racist, which means that I don’t make decisions based on race and ethnicity, but I think it’s an advantage for the US to have a black president. Much of the world contains people of color. I think that it will reflect positively if we take a step that could be considered progressive and elect a man with brown skin as our leader.

5. Barack was right about the war in Iraq. For the record, I was always against the war in Iraq. From the beginning I saw the war as a clear vehicle to profit the military industrial complex which Cheney and Bush are so aligned, and a family feud between the Bushes and Saddam. The illegal activities, lost money, deficit increases and national tension are offshoots of this ill-advised war. Obama was correct all along.

6. I believe him. Sure Barack needs to pander to get elected, but I don’t think that he ever compromises himself or his beliefs. Watch this video from MLK holiday speech in a church in Georgia. He actually reprimands the community for their intolerance on certain issues.

That is all that I have for now, but there will be more.

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2 Responses to Why I’m voting for Barack

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  2. kirbyann says:

    I agree with you. Obama is the best candidate for the presidential election and I appreciate some of the points you made.

    I find his position on education especially refreshing. It’s nice to meet a fellow fan.

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