This post is about company evangelism and is in response to a great article I found on news.ycombinator.com, 14 Qualities of a Co-founder. Coincidentally, I am experiencing relevant issues in projects that I’m involved in.

So, the 15th quality needed from a co-founder – evangelism.

It seems obvious, one of the founders needs to evangelize the product, but what does this mean?

It means viewing the company not as a job, but as a mission, especially outside of the office. It’s not about rambling on to your friends about your great company. You need to reach out into new communities that can help spread your ideas. The simple way to frame it is that you need to make people believe in your idea – no matter who they are.

Evangelizing your attempt to change the world is not the easiest thing to do, but you  can’t be taken seriously without it. Customers, investors and advisers can tell if you’re not an evangelist. If there is no evangelist the company is in trouble.

People that love to talk about cool ideas are a dime a dozen. Founders that talk about there world changing solutions are a bit more rare.

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