Building vs. Protecting a Brand

When you are a small company building your brand, it’s important to partner with other companies, try new things and expose your product or brand. There really isn’t much cost in messing up – nobody sees anyway. After you have grown to become a large corporation the attitude totally changes. It’s now important to protect the brand you have built.  Don’t do anything stupid to mess this up.

Of course this above idea isn’t true at all, it’s just the nice “corporate” reason that large corporations would cite as to why they are so difficult to deal with. As both Seth (Verizon says no to the iPhone) and Marc (The Moby Dick Theory of Big Companies) argue some big corporations seem slow, lazy and stupid because, well… they are slow, stupid and lazy.

What does this mean to you as a budding young entrepreneur?

Your plan can’t hinge on selling to that great white whale, and if it does you have to find a way under, over or around.

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