Blogging While Busy

Thanks for everyone thats been subscribing, if you haven’t yet please click the RSS button or “subscribe through email” if you like what you read of course.

I’m trying to post regularly, but it’s so hard during the summer and I’m extremely busy. Here are a few great sites you should check out if you don’t already.

Reddit – They are at the top of their game right now, unbeatable. THIS SITE IS ADDICTIVE! so don’t visit unless you’re unemployed or you don’t really need your job.

Dilbert Blog – Written by, you guessed it, the guy who writes Dilbert Comics. It’s usually a little ‘out there’ but generally optimistic. Kind of like a happy

Chuck Palahniuk Novel – Rant. I just finished this book 2 hours ago, and I can definitely testify that Chuck is back!! Please read this if you don’t mind parting with reality and sanity for about 300 pages.

If you live NY and want to borrow my copy of Rant, in exchange for a book of your choosing, leave a comment and we’ll meet up. check out my house blog and my business blog.

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