Sopranos Prediction

Just like the other 10 million regular viewers of the Sopranos, over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out how the show is going to end. So here is my official prediction on tonight’s final episode. Note the time of this post just in case I’m right.

After all the flair and distractions this show has been about one thing: taking a stereotype, a monster, a mobster and showing the human. Although we have seen both sides of Tony, as a human being and a cold hearted killer, after 80-some episodes, we still don’t know which label fits best. Even Dr. Melfi who has been treating him for 7 years couldn’t make up her mind without intense persuasion.

Last week the doctor made a choice. This week Tony will make a choice, and in doing so, he’ll decide once and for all who Tony Soprano actually is.

Early in the episode we’ll lose Paulie. Tony will have the chance to save him, but in saving Paulie, Tony would put himself at risk. Just as it played out with Christopher, Tony will write off Paulie either to stay out of danger or insulate himself. I don’t think Paulie has turned on T, and I don’t think T will pull the trigger – but for all intent, Tony will let it happen.

The real crescendo will come later in th episode.  Tony is going to make a choice between a member of his immediate family (probably AJ – it makes the most sense right now) and Tony’s own life/career. I don’t think this will be overly dramatic, but something where T can get to Phil and take him out OR save AJ.

In essence he is sacrificing one family for another. What will he choose?

Melfi was right; Tony can’t be helped. It will not be a popular ending, but by now we have to realize that T is really concerned with one person only,  himself. (If Meadow happens to be in peril I’ll give a 10% chance that the previous sentence is wrong) Tony has already written Carm and AJ off. Although he would never admit that, it’s the choice he will make.

After 7 long years through ups and downs, even when you started to care about Tony, he doesn’t give a shit about you. This has been a show about families. He lost one family last week and he’ll lose the other tonight.

Either that or he’ll die while taking a shit.

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