Getting a Mac Will Change Your Life

…and your haircut.

I never believed the hype, but it’s true.

I bought a Mac Book a little over a week ago and I can honestly say that since the purchase things have been great. Can I prove that the Mac is the cause of my joy? Well, I can’t prove that it isn’t the cause.

Without a doubt there are some things that are so much easier (and I never had trouble with Windows) and doing anything creative is an unbelievable experience. As an example I have never done anything graphic on a computer. In about four hours between today and yesterday I mae a project of laying out a magazine – here it is.

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1 Response to Getting a Mac Will Change Your Life

  1. I have worked on Macs for years, but always felt more comfortable at home using a PC. This year though I bought an iMac and will never go back to the PC world. The iMac doesn’t crash like the PC did, the creative abilities (like you said) are boundless. Even my kids, who were raised on PC’s, find the iMac much more user friendly for them.

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